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How do you know which graduate program is right for you? simplifies the graduate school decision-making process and empowers you to search and connect with top graduate programs.

Prospective Students
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Welcome to a more effective way to identify and recruit high achieving graduate student prospects for your graduate degree programs. Whether you are in charge of one or more programs, this is the solution for you!

Graduate Programs
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We just provide the introduction.

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The average song lasts 227 seconds. Turn yours on and you’ll be signed up and matched before it ends.

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Our match algorithm gives you matches you didn't even know you wanted. Our search function helps you drill down further.

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It only takes one click to connect. We put an end to blind applications and facilitate introductions to help find the best fits.

Two way communication

Express your interest. Ask questions and get answers. We make communication between prospective students and program representatives easy.

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10 Common Grad School Application Mistakes (and How to Avoid Them)

Avoid making these mistakes to put together the strongest application possible. Even silly mistakes are easy to make under pressure and we want to help you improve your chances of getting into grad school. Luckily for you, we’ve put together this list of mistakes to avoid (and what to do instead) to read through BEFORE you start your applications.

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How to Stand Out as a Memorable Candidate for Grad School

No doubt about it, 99th percentile test scores and a perfect GPA in challenging and relevant coursework are fantastic. But by their very definition, very few people have those numbers. Graduate schools everywhere would surely shrivel up and die on the vine if numbers were all it takes to stand out and be a memorable candidate.

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Gradschoolmatch is easy to use

Finding what you need and who you need, anywhere in the world, should be easy.

Top graduate programs are always looking for the best and brightest students to apply to their graduate programs. gives graduate program recruiters and directors a simple tool to find and connect with prospective students.

Prospective graduate students now have a resource to find their best fits. Finding the best graduate program goes way beyond the US News and World Report rankings. The "best fit" focuses on a student's personal graduate education needs.

We are Academics

We’ve applied to graduate school, run graduate programs, recruited students, and made admissions decisions. We know how it works.
Based on our experience recruiting graduate and undergraduate students, and working way too hard to find the right graduate programs, we created Gradschoolmatch to make advanced degree recruiting a two-way conversation.

Dedicated to serving traditional, non-profit universities and ambitious students everywhere.

Brian Clark, MSc

BrianClark, MSc

President & Co-Founder

Brian is a former grad student who was sought after by multiple top programs. He was also a recruited college athlete, and then a college coach and recruiter. Brian gets that recruiting is all about relationships.

TJ Murphy, PhD

TJMurphy, PhD


As a faculty member at Emory University, TJ brought students into his top-ranked PhD program. He imagined a simple and inexpensive way to seek out precisely the prospects he needed, anywhere in the world.

Jared Welch


Lead Developer

Everything Jared touches turns to gold! A former Gold Glove catcher and Dean's List Mathematics and Computer Science graduate, Jared took the reins in 2014 and built the new!

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