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Narrow your options

It starts by answering a few questions about your background and academic interests. Our Q&A takes about as long to complete as your favorite song.

Next our algorithm recommends 30 graduate programs custom tailored just for you. Explore these options and find more. Everybody tells us how well this works. And the best part is it's free!

Be recruited

A great way to narrow your options is to be recruited by graduate programs! Receiving their expert guidance before spending time and money applying is priceless.

Graduate programs at top universities use our platform to find you. They are committed to providing you the guidance and mentoring needed to make smart decisions. And it is also FREE!

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Timely advice

When do you start preparing for grad school? What do you need to do? Should you pay for test prep? What are programs looking for in you? How do you write your goals? How do you write a great application? How can you be a stronger candidate?

Our Prep tools guide you through the process from start to finish. Be more informed and make your best decision. Prep is for our Premium members.

Tools & tips for every step

Applying to graduate school is complicated. It takes months to evaluate your options and yourself, culminating in a life-changing decision. Other than that, no big deal, right?

Gradschoolmatch is loaded with insider tips and tools that guide you through the process. Your FREE Hub workpage is an organizational tool for simplifying your application tasks, tracking deadlines and comparing program options.

Prep (Premium) provides a deeper dive. Full of the guidance needed to evaluate yourself and your options. Insider tips for how to write application statements and much, much more.

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Find your best fit

We have the tools you need, all in one place, to find that balance between what you want in a graduate program and what that program can deliver.

We simplify setting your priorities and rating your program options. It all comes together in your Decision Matrix (Premium), where the top right program is your personal best fit.

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Choosing the right program is not simple. Sadly, too many graduate students regret their program decisions. They wish they had our tools.

Please don't be a statistic. We will help you.

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"It really opens up a whole new world that can help you see not only what you're interested in, but who is interested in you as well."

Dustin Gibson

Kennesaw State University and now Morehouse Medical School.

"Gradschoolmatch played a huge role in helping me find Vanderbilt and making my dream come true.”

Alyssa Rodriguez

University of San Diego and now Vanderbilt University.

"Very personalized. That is one thing that I really love about the website. It's real people interacting with each other."

Tyler Jenkins

Case Western Reserve University and now still looking.

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TJ Murphy, PhD

Professor, Emory University
Founder, Gradschoolmatch

Built by Academics

If you're like most people, the path to grad school is a long, curved road. Then one day you'll see or hear something for the first time and realize that is what you've been looking for all along.

That certainly happened to me. In a totally chance conversation over coffee I received a bit of insight from an expert who listened to my story. He suggested the field I eventually took for my degree. I'll never forget that cup of coffee because it completely changed my life.

My vision for Gradschoolmatch is a place for people to make their grad school decisions. For you to see the possibilities, including some that you hadn't considered. To get guidance from people running the graduate programs who are the real experts. To provide you the tools and insights you'll need to carefully evaluate your options. And to understand how and why graduate school will change your life.

More than anything, we want to help you make your best decision. That's our only mission. That's all we do.


We’re an Atlanta startup made with soul. Helping you is who we are. That's all that matters to us.


We write stuff. Our content on the graduate education space is for you, whether you're looking for programs or for students.


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