Our Story

Over 50,000 graduate programs are out there. We help you find and choose the right one.

The idea was to create a space...

For people.

To receive expert guidance during their graduate school search.

And to recruit students to their graduate programs...by offering expert guidance to prospects.

An Emory professor and his grad student first launched in early 2013. We made it better with v2 in 2015, and with v3 in 2018.

Serving both students and programs

Successful recruiting is mentoring, not marketing. Friendly outreach and helpful advice generates good will. Just be yourself.

Choosing the right graduate program to launch your career is a complex decision. We help you gather and synthesize all the information you need to make it a smart one.


Our Team

TJ Murphy, PhD


TJ has spent his entire adult life in college, first as an undergrad, then as a PhD student, then a fellowship, followed by joining the faculty! That lifetime of experience grounds what we do. Simplicity, utility, and effectiveness is what matters. For TJ something is worth doing if it helps people find the right graduate program, while teaching them how to get into it.

Brian Clark, MS, MBA


Brian focuses a lot on business strategy, which mostly involves the member experience, along with more boring stuff like business processes, yada, yada, yada. He has keen interests in designing and delivering technology-based consumer-focused solutions. Brian is a busy man, recently completing his MBA at the Fuqua School of Business at Duke University.

Jared Welch


We can tell you that Jared focuses on product development. But the simple truth is that Gradschoolmatch is Jared's baby. Jared joined us after we asked him for help in fixing a few bugs in our beta platform during a holiday school break! After he graduated from Emory U, Jared shook off offers from IBM and others to build out Gradschoolmatch.

Camila España, MS, MBA


Camila drives our communications while sharing her strong voice internally to help shape the strategic direction of Gradschoolmatch. Shortly after graduating with a dual MS, MBA from the Ross School at the University of Michigan she heard our story. As an ex-graduate student, she gets the importance and wants everyone to know of it. She's on the team!

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We’re an Atlanta startup made with soul. Helping you is who we are. That's all that matters to us.


We write stuff. Our content on the graduate education space is for you, whether you're looking for programs or for students.


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