You need to recruit great students to your graduate programs.

They're waiting to meet you on Gradschoolmatch.

All you have to do is tell someone why you'd like to see their application.

Market more effectively

Face it. Marketing to prospective graduate students doesn't always work. And they need your mentorship with the biggest decision of their lives.

Easily spot prospective students who fit your program. Then offer a touch of guidance. You're the expert. They need to hear from you.

Here's how it works: Our search engine sorts information from your program profile and from their profiles.

We create a prospect list unique to your program. Engage the people who interest you the most.

On Gradschoolmatch you can make the first move. No more waiting and hoping for your program to be noticed. When you reach out and help someone chances are they'll reward you with their application.

Mentor more

Prospective graduate students are eager to learn. You're an expert in an academic discipline.

Helping prospects understand what your graduate program offers is not only helpful, that's your recruiting advantage.

That's the key to successful recruiting. Yes, it really is that simple.



You're busy. We make finding and engaging the right prospects as simple as it gets. Making a big impact on your applications takes only a few minutes weekly.


You only need to recruit the great students who fit what you offer. Focusing on the right prospects is easy. Focus on people who have the right credentials for your specialized program.


You can't afford costly and unproductive "marketing campaigns." We get your programs involved. Their personal touch makes all the difference in the world.

Finally. An effective and affordable recruiting tool that every graduate program can use.

Set up an account for one program, or for a program cluster, or for a full university

One account for the whole university

Georgia State

This large research university in downtown Atlanta generates more leads than any of the hundreds of other universities listed on Gradschoolmatch.


Increasing graduate enrollment is a strategic priority at GSU. Their Vice Provost for Graduate Studies set up a single account on our Unlimited Plan. Access is distributed among all 117 GSU graduate programs across 7 colleges and schools. Most of those programs use Gradschoolmatch proactively. Collectively, their recruiting activity generates so much interest that GSU is the #1 ranked graduate school on our site by student members. Proof that you can drive interest.


GSU is on our Unlimited Plan, costing $295 per month for university-wide coverage. That comes out to the very low cost of about $2.52 per program per month.

One account for one graduate program

Seton Hall

More prospects have found the Seton Hall School of Diplomacy and International Relations program than any of the other 107 Seton Hall programs combined.


Until recently, Daniel Kristo, the school’s Director of Graduate Admissions, has been the only active Gradschoolmatch user at Seton Hall. While on the Limited Plan he religiously engaged 30 new prospects each month. Over time, he’s generated interest from scores of prospects who would not have known about his strong programs any other way.
This case illustrates that proactive recruiting can be very effective. Don't wait to be found, make the first move.


Diplomacy was on our Limited Plan, costing $95 per month, before Seton Hall noticed their success and upgraded to a University-wide Unlimited Plan.

One account covers a program cluster

UT Southwestern

Hundreds of prospects have engaged with a dozen basic and biomedical research graduate programs at this world-class biomedical research university.


The personal touch is especially important when recruiting the best STEM students. They are in high demand with many great options. Building relationships with them before they even apply is how the best are won. Long-time Gradschoolmatch user Dr. Lisa Gardner, Assistant Dean, is a champion of the one-to-one engagement made possible by Gradschoolmatch. Her account serves more than a dozen advanced degree programs offered by UT Southwestern.


Dr. Gardner toggles between the Unlimited and the Limited plans from month-to-month over the course of a year as her recruiting work ebbs and flows.

"This is the best way out there to do it!"

Beth Bowman, PhD
Assistant Director
Graduate Programs in Biomedical Sciences
Vanderbilt University
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If you're like most people, the path to grad school is a long, curved road.

Our vision for Gradschoolmatch is a place for people to make their grad school decisions. For you to see the possibilities, including some that you hadn't considered. To get guidance from people running the graduate programs who are the real experts. To provide you the tools and insights you'll need to carefully evaluate your options. And to understand how and why graduate school will change your life.

Find and recruit the prospective students you'd like to see in your graduate program.

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