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The GradSchoolMatch™ platform uses innovative matching methodology to create customized recommendations for both students and recruiters. Learn how it works.

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Once your information is input, the innovative GradSchoolMatch.com matching methodology gets to work using your specific information to generate recommendations.

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This is based on the information you provide in your survey and profile and is tailored to your specific needs. The more complete your profile, the more precise your matches will be.

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We offer several subscription plans and a comprehensive suite of recruitment tools that give you direct access to students who have expressed interest in programs like yours. Choose what plan works best for your program.

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You will be notified when students Bookmark your program based on mutually matched profiles and preferences.

Premium customers can Bookmark and reach out to prospective students.

This invaluable recruitment tool actively invites qualified and interested students to your unique program.

Your Profile is Imperative

The GradSchoolMatch platform relies on your profile to provide you with customized recommendations. Creating a thorough profile is the best way to receive the most accurate matches.