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The Basics


University of Oregon

According to DesignIntelligence, we are consistently a top program for sustainable design practices and principles focusing on cutting edge design ideas applied to complex real-world situations.

School of Architecture and Environment Department of Architecture
210 Lawrence Hall (EUG), White Stag Block, 70 NW Couch St (PDX)
Eugene and Portland, Oregon, 97403, United States

What We Offer


Please contact Jessica Wu at jwu21@uoregon.edu for more information.

The Department of Architecture offers fully-accredited NAAB professional degree programs in Architecture - CIDQ programs in Interior Architecture.
We are a vibrant, collaborative, multidisciplinary learning community. We teach people to take responsibility for designing our future. We help students develop the values, knowledge, skills, and practices they need to create better architecture and environments that resonate with people and their cultural, physical, and ecological worlds.

Our programs are student-centered with a focus on socially relevant and ecologically aware issues. Our master of architecture degree allow students to complete a professional degree, leading to licensure, in a stimulating academic environment that is characterized by cooperation, rigor and a commitment to human quality in the built environment. We offer three different graduate programs, the accredited professional masters, Master of Science, and our PhD. The program is studio based, with a full complement of professional courses with opportunities to focus in an area of special interest.

Students have opportunities through studios and other courses to work on real world problems while entertaining alternative futures; we help our partners get out in front of issues, and we help them envision new possibilities for making the city better. Our studio courses are pass-no pass to foster a collaborative environment and a community feel among the students.

Most of our graduate and undergraduate students are in Eugene. The Eugene program offers a wide diversity of faculty and courses, concurrent degree programs, and the option to take courses in other departments of the university. Eugene-based programs offer various focuses, including sustainability, building technology, history/theory and human-centered design.

About 100 architecture students, including some track I students in their final year, are in Portland to experience a more urban program. The Portland program is housed in a beautifully renovated warehouse block in the city center, has strong connections with the Portland professional community, and strong engagement with current architectural and urban issues of the city.

The UO Portland Architecture Program advances a dialogue about the future of the city; in a context of rapid urbanization, climate change, transforming economies, growing inequalities, and other challenges, we believe the potential impact and value of design has never been greater.

UO Portland Architecture works closely with UO Historic Preservation in delivering content related to adaptive reuse, sustainable preservation, and real estate development (students who are pursuing masters’ degrees in Architecture can also pursue specializations in Historic Preservation as well as in Urban Architecture + Urban Design)

We believe research skills complement design thinking skills and that students benefit enormously by working with us on cutting edge, applied research problems pertaining to the design of buildings and cities.

We also offer the opportunity for students to pursue a Concurrent Masters degree track, which is a 4 year program for students to obtain a professionally accredited Master of Architecture and Master of Interior Architecture.

Academic Fields

City/Urban, Community and Regional Planning.
Environmental Studies.
Art/Art Studies, General.


Doctoral Degree, PhD, Ph.D.
Master's Degree, M.Arch, M.Arch.
Master's Degree, M.Iarc, M.IArch.
Master's Degree, MS, M.S.


Full Time, On-Campus


Architect, City Planner, Historic Preservationist, Interior Designer


Jessica Wu

Jessica Wu
Graduate Recruitment Manager

Roxi Thoren

Roxi Thoren
Department Head

Who We're Looking For


We are looking for dedicated, collaborative, and environmentally sustainable minds. Our students come from an array of background as our professionally accredited Masters programs (M.Arch and M.Iarc) have a two options: Track 1 program (3 years, summer start program for students with no prior related experience/education) and the Track 2 program (2 years, fall start program for student with a related degree).

Our students are innovative and forward thinking, looking to solve real-world issues within the classroom with projects and actions that are transferable to the outside world. We foster a collaborative education environment to mimic professional situations and students who can grow, develop, and succeed in this way. Our curriculum is rigorous and focuses on both the practical and theoretical side of architecture and interior architecture. So that not only can you design a solution, but you can implement it as well. What we look for most in our students is hard work, determination, and a capacity for creativity.

Academic Backgrounds

Accounting and Business/Management.
Applied Mathematics, General.
Architectural and Building Sciences/Technology.
Architectural Drafting and Architectural CAD/CADD.
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Target GPA

A- = 3.3-3.6


GRE - Required





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